TUTORIAL: Gift Box Ottoman

Here's a quick tutorial on that gift box ottoman I created for the girls. Warning it is Photo Heavy!

My inspiration came from this photo that I found on Pinterest:

Too adorable! After searching for a pre-made gift box ottoman, I started to look for tutorials and came across this handy one from 2 Little Superheroes:

Photo Credit: 2 Little Superheroes

And then I thought to myself "I could so do that!" So off I went to look for an ottoman that worked. Six months of searching, only to realize the ones I wanted were either sold out or discontinued...And just when I was about to give up, I was smacked in the face with a complete DOH moment... I had the perfect ottoman sitting in my entryway all along!
My brilliant Home Goods purchase from last year for only $19.99! It was exactly what I was looking for. With now only 2 days to spare before the actual photo shoot, I raced off to JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store for a particular shade of lilac/lavender. Luck was on my side! I found the perfect shade and sturdy polyester fabric for my bench. 1 1/2 yards and 50% coupon later I was out the store racing home to put my gift box together. (Yes I actually brought the ottoman to the store with me)

First I laid out all of my supplies: Ottoman; Staple Gun; Scissors; Fabric and a Yard stick (not pictured).

Then I started with the lid of the ottoman, by cutting a border of about 4 inches of the fabric around the lid. Honestly I probably could have gotten away with only cutting a 3 inch border.

Next came staple gunning... TIP: Fold the fabric over twice so that there is enough fabric for the staple to catch and hold...

I folded over the lid to check my progress...

Trim off the excess...

 You may notice that the color of the fabric has changed...so, the first set of photos were when I was putting the ottoman together at 2am in the morning. Hubby was none to please as the staple gun was disturbing his sleep (oops)... so next set of photos are the morning of the photo shoot when I could finish this project...

Now my Favorite part: Adding on the ribbon. Just as before I just found my center, totally eye-balled it, and began stapling the edges down. (My handy 6 months old, Jaya, she is so handy!) 

Midway.. (Another photobomb of Jaya)

Ta-Daa...we have a cross! I realize now that I should have ironed my fabric before attempting this however I was pressed for time and really tired. Now the bow... 

So I totally stole borrowed this bow from a previous project as I was running out of time... (Leela's pjs playing peek-a-boo)

Just a little snip, snip and our lid is complete! :)

Now for the base:

A close up of the gathered fabric stapled to the edge.

I was lazy and decided to just fold over the extra fabric as I knew those sides wouldn't show in the photos...

Not too shabby if I do say so myself...

More ribbon...

TA-DAA!!! C'est Fini! (It's Finished) and I couldn't be more proud...

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial of mine. Feel like trying this or have a better way, please send me photos and I'll post!


OTTOMAN: Home Goods
RIBBON: Michael's Craft Store
STAPLE GUN: Home Depot

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